My name is Gaby Gundlach, I’m German and I live in Bali already 30 years. I’m married with a Balinese (I. Wayan Lama) and have a 18 year old daughter (Mona).gaby

Beside doing export (handicraft and furniture) for more than 20 years, we decided to focus more on helping tourists to enjoy Bali. We met many people who had health-problems and were looking for Balinese medicine-man/woman. So we  do private individual tours regarding the wishes of the tourists.

We like to bring them to our village (Batuan) and show how the Balinese people live and bring them f. ex. to the public shower places. The last year I wrote many articles in the little booklet “Ubud Community” to explain the different way of living and thinking in the East and West.

On my first website (womentravellinginbali.com), I wanted to reach German women who would like to travel to Bali, but maybe are afraid to travel alone or can’t  speak English. So I can get them from the airport, choose a hotel and drive them around Bali according their wishes.
But after a while some of my friends complain, because they come as a couple to Bali and want to book us. So we change our website now to ‘www.bali-private-tours.com’ – open to everyone.


When I looked at all the Bali tours I got confused. There is so much to see and often I tell my friends, it’s better to do everything here a little bit slower. Don’t do too much, have a look at the Balinese – they even walk slower than we. Try more to get the feeling what is going on here.

When there is a temple ceremony I encourage the tourists to pray together with us, to drink the holy water and enjoy the blessing of the priest.

So back to ‘www.bali-private-tours.com’. I like more to ask the tourists what they like to see, so we can do the route  together. That’s why I only offer some tours which can be altered concerning the wishes of the tourists.

There are so many beautiful things you can do on Bali : you should get a Massage, see the kecak and fire dance, eat special Indonesian food (makan padang)  or eat Italian Gelato in ‘Waroeng Bernadette’, Goutama Street, Ubud. I sell the ice-cream there, so I had to tell you.

Before I had an Ice Café Mona for 3 Years in Ubud, but the rent was raised 50 %, so I could not go on. It’s a pity. The people get all mad about money. Even the rich ones want always to have more and more. heart
Maybe you can explain me why. Do they really get happy from all the money?  there are still many poor people living on Bali. Maybe they would be happier to share their income !!

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