Anne and Heidi Letter
Batuan, 07.01.13

Dear Gaby,

We thank you for your warm and friendly reception and hospitality.

Bali was for us a great adventure, because we visited Asia the first
time. The friendly people, the ludicrous shops and markets filled us with enchantment and astonishment and made us smile. It was fantastic just to accompany you for the first days and admire the confusion of dogs, chicken, cars andmotorbikes. Now we know why it’s good to have a horn.

The house we stayed in was surrounded by a small paradise – the
crickets at night, the row of the roosters all day and night; the gecko who wished us every evening a good night; the curious neighbors who offered us a massage on the terrace anytime. We never felt lonely.

We thank that you took the time to show us some beautiful places on
this island. Beautiful beaches, deep green valleys, mountains, coral reefs, exotic gardens we could enjoy. In every Balinese we found a small Britishman; never leave the house without an umbrella. We learned that Bali-time and Bali-distance had an own dimension. A conversion table does not exist.

What you should know and what you cannot find in any guidebook: “hati-hati” (means = caution) and “makan-makan” (means= eat). We leave this island with beautiful remembrances and impressions.

Anne and Heidi

P.S. New for us was all the healing treatments with the different medicine women. We still enjoy the taste of beer and cigarettes and we also still enjoy looking for men.