There are so many beautiful places in Bali to visit.
Close to Ubud is a small village called Petulu. Every late afternoon you can see there
lots of herons who stay on the top of the trees.
Many surfers come to Bali. Now we have a place in Keramas where it’s possible to surf  at night.
They use big spotlights to light up the beach and the ocean.
Near our village Batuan is a small banjar named Duma. A woman from Singapur created a big garden (3000qm). Here she is growing all the fruit, vegetables and trees you can find in Indonesia.
New on Bali is a chocolate factory, it’s located close to Candidasa.
Very famous is the Luwak coffee. The coffee is made of the shit of some small animals and very, very expensive.
My friends were always fascinated when they saw the kitchen of my mother-in-law. The kitchen looks the same like 25 years ago when I came to Bali. Because they cook with the open fire, the walls are black. They have only some glasses and plates, all different shapes and very simple.
Another exotic place in every village is ‘beji’, the public shower place. It’s very crowed at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, when all the people come to have a shower.
For people who love cats, we have a place near Ubud called ‘Villa Kitty”. They get all the cats from the street and give them a home.
People who are interested in the hindu religion can go to a holy man to get a special water lessing.


We drive with a big Kijang. There is place for eight tourists.

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