Bali is famous because of it’sspecial culture and way of living.
the population of indonesia is 90 % moslem,only on bali the most people are hindu.
the Balinese are very close to nature and to God. They do offerings every day and nearly every month is a temple ceremony.
every six month is the biggest ceremony called ‘Galungan’, followed by ‘Kuningan’. You can compare these ceremonies with Christmas. Weeks before they start to do the offerings. Ther are so many different offerings, someone even wrote a book about it.It’s a lot of work for the women and it also costs a lot of money. When you look at my webside under “stories” you can find an article about offerings.
There are many more ceremonies,f.ex. for ‘ Dewi Sri’, the goddess of the rice-field, for trees, for metall (all cars, motorbikes and bicycles get offerings) etc.
Every.full-moon and new-moon teh Balines have to go to the temple to pray.
Furthermore there are every five days special days for the evilg hosts.


We drive with a big Kijang. There is place for eight tourists.

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