Every village is divided in many banjars. Batuan for example has 23 banjars.
They have strong rules in the banjar. Everyone has to take part when there is a wedding or a cremation for example. The banjar is working at midday for nearly one hour and in the night as well. From every family someone has to go and help. If someone can not go, he has to pay money to the banjar.
Close to the temple you can find a holy tree (Banyan tree).
When you look at the Balinese house, you can see that the are all built the same way: the temple faces to the mountain, because the Gods live there.The temple is holy – compared with the body: the head is holy. In the opposite direction is the bathroom. When you compare it with the body: it’s the feet and they are dirty.
You should never push with your feet to something and never use your left hand. This is their toilet hand. They use the left hand to clean their bump – they don’t use toiletpaper.
You can not enter a temple when you have your menstruation or an open wound.
Don’t walk around half naked – this is very unpolite for the Balinese.
Don’t touch or kiss your mate in public. The Balinese say: then,you behave
like a dog which has sex on th street.
Many families don’t have a bathroom. So they go to a small river to shower or use the public shower-place called ‘Beji”. These places are a kind of meeting-places where the women wash their clothes and do some gossip.
The temples ceremonies are also places to meet each other or to come in contact with other people. Everyone puts on nice temple clothes: sarong and the women wear a special blouse named ‘ kebaya’.


We drive with a big Kijang. There is place for eight tourists.

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